Fixed Editor Paragraph Fault After Lists

Anthony Parsons

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I was reviewing some other bug reports about the editor removing paragraphs in IE, etc...

Found an interesting little bug, that using Mac 64bit, latest Safari, haven't bothered testing in other browsers, that when you include a list in the editor, every paragraph after the list is stripped of its line space.

Screen shot 2011-12-12 at 11.35.39 AM.png

As you can read for yourself... those last three sentences had a clear line space between them just like the ones above the list.

Before the list remains unaffected. After the list, is affected.


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If we were talking about the line spacing between the list and the text below, then it's the same as that bug. But if it's the individual paragraphs after, then it's different.

Let's see...
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Ok, this is WebKit specific, and it appears that it might be a TinyMCE bug -- but upgrading to a more recent TinyMCE has created issues elsewhere (nor am I sure it'd fix it yet). Ugh.