Browser issue Editor bug on Android phone


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I upgraded to XenForo 1.3. on Friday and a couple of members have reported having issues with the editor when using their Android phones.

If I try to quote anyone on my phone it's impossible. I'll start typing under the quote and it'll be fine for about a word, and then the cursor seems to jump from where it is upto the QUOTE= bit and then anything I type goes into there. It's really annoying and means you can't quote anyone ever. It will look like this for example.

Highlighted and bolded what I'd type so you can see how it goes.

We're both using Swiftkey if that makes a difference.
He also recorded a couple of videos of it happening:

I don't have an Android device so I can't reproduce it. Is this a known problem?


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I don't have an Android device so I can't reproduce it. Is this a known problem?
I tell you what it reminds me of an issue I had in vBulletin on Firefox for android using ANY 3rd party keyboard. I had to stop using firefox because at some point it started happening to googles stock keyboard.

The guy may or may not be on a custom rom but at least that looks to be chrome. He is running a skin for sure so I really can't tell what keyboard he is using. In general its not going to be an resolvable issue. Need to have your user test other 1.3 sites such as posting here and then go test a 1.2 site which is the real fun part, finding one.


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I have run into this before, but unfortunately I don't think there's much we can do - this is likely internal to the keyboard or the OS. Note that it seems to happen when inserting a correction. It's going to be related to the rich text editor as that will need to use very different behaviors internally, so switching to the plain editor will likely sort it.