XF 2.1 Members reporting performance issues on Android after upgrading from Xenforo 1.5x to Xenforo 2.1x

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I finally upgraded to XF2 yesterday. Everything went smoothly, and I have gotten a shockingly good ratio of member appreciation to complaints :).

The only issue being reported by multiple members is some sort of performance hit on Android compared with prior to the upgrade. I'm using the default Xenforo style.

For example, here are some of the comments I received:

My experience on mobile is that ot appears the UI buffer has been shrunk signifucantly. I will check on OSX later, but Android UI can't keep up at all.
He probably means the new site is heavier on JS and what not, so uses more resources. I have noticed that a little as well.

One thing that has tripped me up a few times now is that trying to scroll past the reply controls at the bottom of a thread is more difficult on a phone - if the OSK activates, there's very little dead space for scrolling, and I end up activating one of the many buttons at the top of the reply controls instead.
On Screen Keyboard. If I accidentally touch inside the reply text box it activates and shrinks the browser so it pretty much just shows the reply controls and text box. I'm not sure why it's more of a problem for me now than before though.
Yes, ok. The ability to type on mobile has been limited. I am now always waiting for the site to show me what it thinks I have typed. Interacting with the site is now much slower for my phone. Android.

I don't have the same slow keystroke response on my computer (OS X), so I think it is just the Android version. On my computer, the site is easily able to keep up with my interactions - on my mobile phone, it is not.

Javascript load, keyboard buffer, just much slower to accept input. I said input buffer because I notice it will start dropping keystrokes if I try to type ahead on mobile. No such problem on OSX.
Argh. Further to this, if the edit box has a lot of text in it, every time I touch somewhere in the textbox to place the cursor, the focus jumps to the top of the textbox. This is infuriating when the textbox spans multiple pages on a phone display.

I'm on Firefox on Android 9.

Has anyone else encountered this issue, and does anyone have any suggestions? Would it help if I were to defer some of the javascript? I was using the Defer JS addon with Xenforo 1.5 but don't use anything like that in XF 2.1

Personally, I find the site performance better than ever on mobile with XF 2.1, but I'm on an iPhone.
Interesting but I really can't help. I use a Samsung Galaxy S9 with Chrome as my browser and didn't see much, if any, change when I upgraded my board back in March. Ditto my wife's Asus Zen tablet. Version-wise, I've used both Oreo and Pie with Xenforo 2.1 and seen no noticeable difference.
If the performance complaints were coming in immediately after the upgrade, maybe you just needed to give it some time. I got some high cpu spikes when I upgraded, after updating styles and templates, which even took the site offline a couple times for a few minutes. But I do use several other styles besides the XF default.
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