Third party Image overlay display bug on Android

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If we open an image by tapping over it, the image display overlay opens.

On android devices it is showing blurry. If we zoom in and zoom out then it shows clearly. But on other devices its fine(clear) at first load itself.

OS: Android 8.0
Browser: Chrome 64

At first open of image overlay:

After zoom in and zoom out:

As it can be noticed, after zoom in and out the image quality increases.

Note: Image taken from this forum and reproducible here.
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Hi @Chris D,


I tested this again carefully on the link you provided and it happened there now. So confirmed its a light gallery bug.

Some screenshots:

First time overlay open with blurry image quality:

After zoom-in and out, image got crystal clear like it should show at first place itself:



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Our Android users are reporting this issue, too. :(

It's sad that LightGallery has (a few but really annoying) issues (others).