Third party Image overlay display bug on Android

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If we open an image by tapping over it, the image display overlay opens.

On android devices it is showing blurry. If we zoom in and zoom out then it shows clearly. But on other devices its fine(clear) at first load itself.

OS: Android 8.0
Browser: Chrome 64

At first open of image overlay:

After zoom in and zoom out:

As it can be noticed, after zoom in and out the image quality increases.

Note: Image taken from this forum and reproducible here.
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Hi @Chris D,


I tested this again carefully on the link you provided and it happened there now. So confirmed its a light gallery bug.

Some screenshots:

First time overlay open with blurry image quality:

After zoom-in and out, image got crystal clear like it should show at first place itself:



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Our Android users are reporting this issue, too. :(

It's sad that LightGallery has (a few but really annoying) issues (others).


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@Chris D,

It is taking forever to get fixed, since it is not something in your hands but on the third party software developer and he has not made any commit from more than five months nor replied to your reported issues. I don't think the product is getting any love neither a fix going to happen ever on my and @Steffen's reported issues. Since image gallery is being used daily on any forum such quirks not looking good. Can you atleast shift to a better alternative in next x.X.x release, please?

What more. Double click to zoom is the only way to zoom on LightGallery. Even XF 1 had better click to zoom way on touch devices. We could pinch and expand to zoom. Now its like taking an essential feature with major upgrade along with adding few more extra headache (bugs).

I also read your previous post on this:
The really frustrating thing is that when we chose it probably a year or two before we launched XF2, it was actually well maintained and we felt it worked really well.

It was some time before that which they moved to a different license which we were happy to purchase because the assumption, at the time, was that if anything it would improve faster and receive more updates. Unfortunately, the opposite was true. Only very small and occasional releases since then and certainly no significant further development.

My only reluctance with PhotoSwipe is, although it is very nice, that it too doesn't seem to be maintained and it has quite a huge list of outstanding issues and pull requests.

I've spent a whole lot of time over the past few years, going back to when I first developed the gallery in ~2013, evaluating various sliders and lightboxes. The perfect one doesn't exist. One day I'll write my own specifically for XF. Probably won't be prefect, but would be nice to be in total control of something to get it as close to perfect as possible. At one point we nearly ported over the XF1 lightbox which was generally fine, but it is of course lacking some fairly fundamental functionality that people expect from lightboxes these days - particularly touch and gesture support.
... But now its going out of hands and you really should take some decision and shift into a better alternative (if none exist make a homegrown one please! Better controls and quicker fixings too).