Design issue  Editor Bug - 'CODE' BBTag deletes with enter key


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Hey all,

If I use the editor on here (and on my xenforo site) and click the box for the Code BBtag I get the popup editor as I should. I fill that in and select PHP for my code and press Insert, and the content is added to my post fine. However I then click the enter key to type a new paragraph after the code and the editor deletes all of the PHP except for the very first line.

Example output:

This was supposed to be a paragraph after the PHP


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The second report of this. :)

This is a nightmarish bug down to how browsers handle certain constructs in WYSIWYG editors and the challenges of inserting code. An undo should fix it and allow you to continue (as will pressing anything other than enter).


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Sorry, I searched around a bit and couldn't see it reported elsewhere ^^

Undoing it and then carrying on is what I've been doing so far, it's just a little annoying way of getting around it. As long as you guys are aware of the issue =)