Fixed  Enter key deletes content in Quick Reply


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Ok, I'm not sure what the exact circumstances are to make this occur (it obviously doesn't occur all of the time), but occasionally when I'm editing my post in quick reply, I'll click somewhere in the middle of my post because I want to add content there, and then I'll click enter to add a line break for spacing, and the rest of my post (or most of the rest of my post) mysteriously disappears. It's undoable by pressing Ctrl-Z, and after that it doesn't seem to happen again.

Has anyone else experienced this? It's happened to me a few times, so I'm finally reporting it. :)

EDIT: Ok, found it quite easily. Steps to reproduce:
  1. Reply to my post by clicking Reply in the bottom-right corner of this post.
  2. Immediately hit enter. Don't do anything between step 1 and 2 otherwise it might not work.
This doesn't always happen at the beginning - it's happened to me in the middle of composing so this isn't the only circumstance where it occurs, but it's one of them so you should at least be able to track down the source. :)

Also, Firefox 3.6.8 on Windows 7. :)