Browser issue Using iPad Smart Keyboard arrow keys in quick reply field jumps page to bottom


As the title says, if you're using an iPad with Smart Keyboard and typing in a quick reply field, hitting any of the arrow keys on the keyboard causes the view to jump to the bottom of the page. (Cursor remains active in the quick reply box.)

Issue reported by user here with a handy GIF showing the problem:

I've replicated the issue on our forums running XF 1.5.12 and here at It's a minor issue on because there isn't much of a site footer and the quick reply box remains in view after the jump. On sites with larger footers, the quick reply box scrolls up out of view, as can be seen in the GIF.


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I'd be curious if this still happens in XF2 (very different tech for the rich text editor).

Unfortunately though, I doubt there's much we can do about this. This is very likely down to browser/OS issue, probably specifically relating to contenteditable/rich text editors and how the directional arrows work. This issue affects other text editors too:


Thanks for the response. The issue is not present on the XF2 install here in these forums, so I guess we'll just have to wait until it goes final and we can upgrade.