Editor: Backspace key unexpectedly deletes line-breaks above caret that were created using Shift+Enter


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At the end of this line I'll hit Shift+Enter (not just Enter) twice to create two line-breaks.

Now when I hit the delete key anywhere in this line here, one of the two line-breaks above is removed unexpectedly.

It seems like Enter creates a new paragraph (<p>) whereas Shift+Enter creates a line break (<br>).

Don't ask me why you should use Shift+Enter instead of just Enter in the first place. All I know is that this is driving some of our users nuts. Anyhting you can do about this? :)


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El Porcharo

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I've been facing this issue for a while now, and I see that this thread didn't get a reply at all.

This is kind of frustrating when typing, I know it might not be so popular to add an empty line by pressing SHIFT+ENTER, but sometimes I do since I got used to it on messaging apps.

I can see even the official XF is affected (video below), can't say exactly from which version I started facing this issue on my board but it must be not later than a couple of updates.

Please take a look into it.