Fixed iPad editor bug with pasting links


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See this post

I typed the text and then pasted the link but it forced the link to a new line in the editor panel. Placing the cursor at the start of the line and pressing backspace refused to move the link up to the first line after the text.

I then just hit enter and it posted but with the font bbcode at the end (I did nothing in the editor to select a font)

Trying to reproduce here


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Trying to reproduce it and I didn't get the font bug but it did refuse to remove the return. However, once posted I could click edit and move the link to directly after the text.


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I mentioned that to Mike a few days ago.

It also happens if you try and drag a link between some existing text.
For example, I sometimes tell people to "use the
Contact Us
form" and it puts the link on a new line and it is impossible to remove the break.


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I think the 2 issues are related, though one comes in via paste and one via drop, so I think I have this resolved for the next roll out though I do need to do some more iOS specific testing.