Lack of interest "Easy Add Forum Moderator" for Xenforo.


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There was a modification for Vbulletin 3.5, which allowed you to add a moderator to multiple forums at once, rather than having to keep going into each forum and adding them one by one.

(See screenshot attached)

If we could get something like that for Xenforo, it'd be great.



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I think this has been suggested somewhere, but the primary usage/advantage of it is if the permission set is centralized, so changing it once changes it for all the forums. I do see the benefit in that.


Mike, when you add a forum mod to a parent, does he/she become a forum on the child forums below it? does it inherit?

Stuart Wright

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Can I please add support for this idea?
A moderator will usually be set with the same privileges for all the forums he will moderate.
So I would like to be able to pick the list of forums to assign to a new moderator.
Otherwise it becomes a long winded process.