Display Slow Queries & Performance Issues in admincp


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It would be very valuable for the XenForo addon scene if every install of xenforo would have the function to display slow queries to the admin. It would show the admin that users are experiencing slow loading pages and therefore they can act upon it, by:
  • Reporting slow Queries to the addon developer
  • Reporting hosting issues to the host
The report would need to include the stack trace as well as a few server configuration specifications, so that when the report is useful to to admin, host and the addon developer.
The reports could show in the same way as errors. In this case there would need to be a setting to ignore performance reports.

This would mean that developers are alerted much quicker about performance issues. And therefore it would also be easier for us to spot problematic addons.

Overall this would lead to higher quality standards for XenForo addons.