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I've noticed lately that our board is pushing about 6,000 queries per second and the database is taking up around 50-60% of the CPU (there are 2 cores on this VM). We typically have somewhere between 500 and 1000 users online at a time so it's consistent traffic, but this seems high.
I've looked at the debug output and I'm seeing 10-15 queries per page around the main pages (forum index, forum thread display, inside a thread) so I assume all that is normal. We do have a number of addons, but I don't really know how to go about figuring out which ones might be causing additional query traffic other than to just disable them one at a time and see what happens. Are there any less disruptive ways to profile what the software is doing so I know where the hardware resources are being spent?

We don't have any performance impacts (at least not yet) but I'd like a better understanding of what's going on so I can make better decisions in the future. Any insight would be appreciated.

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