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Display newest registrations in the Admin CP navigation

Discussion in 'XenForo Suggestions' started by Joeychgo, Sep 1, 2016.

  1. Joeychgo

    Joeychgo Well-Known Member

    Newest Registrations available from main users Menu


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  2. Chris D

    Chris D XenForo Developer Staff Member

    Please only make one suggestion per thread. As it happens, the first suggestion has already been suggested here:


    As for the second suggestion, although it is perfectly valid, I just want to check you are aware (and make it clear for others who may not be aware) you can already get a list of the Newest Registrations:

    Users > Search for Users > Common Searches > Newest Registrations
  3. Joeychgo

    Joeychgo Well-Known Member

    Yes I am. I just think it would be an easy improvement. The extra clicks make it a little cumbersome.
  4. RDR

    RDR Well-Known Member

    A little cumbersome?!?!?

    It is the most irritating issue for me working in the ACP :mad:


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