Lack of interest Allow searching for attachments by ID in the admin control panel

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Not sure this strictly should be categorized as a bug, but this seems the best place to post this.

We received a complaint that an attachment on our server was being used in a Phishing email.

The image was attached to a post, which had already been deleted (along with the member).

Since we only had the attachment ID, we had no way of figuring out where the attachment was coming from, without doing a direct DB query.

I think there are probably 2 ways to handle situations like this:

1) When a post with an attachment is deleted, should that attachment be deleted as well? I think so for our forum, but I could probably see arguments that say that the attachment should not be deleted.

2) Can a "search by ID" field be added to the attachment browser?


I think either of those solutions would fix this issue.

Would also love to see additional search options here, like searching by a certain size, number of views, etc.
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If the post was hard deleted then the attachment should have been removed from the file system.
We usually soft delete in case there is a mistake, so in that case I think it does make sense to keep the Attachment. But, I think there should be some way to find that attachment if there is some issue with it (or make it completely unavailable if post was deleted).
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