Does the new Quick thread feature have the ability to be disabled in the Admin Control Panel?


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I'm curious if the new Quick thread feature in XF2 can be disabled in the Admin Control Panel?


There are several reasons why admins might like to disable Quick thread on their forum:

1) Quick thread lacks the ability to add attachments, this is very bad because threads without images are boring.
2) Quick thread lacks the ability to preview the new thread.
3) Takes away focus from the all important thread titles.
4) There's already a big orange button for creating a new thread.


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Wasted steps doing that. It quicker to click the orange Post thread button as it has all the functions available that are required for a good post.
To be fair, if you're trying to add attachments or polls or whatever else, then quick thread isn't for that particular post. It's for posts that the user intends to be...well...quick. Not every post will have extras like that. Not sure why removing that feature would benefit anything. But to each their own, I guess.
I would sure like that idea. All of the threads in my forum pretty much include images, trying to educate members isn't always as easy as we think it might be. So either being able to disable Quick Threads or making sure there is an Image Upload button available in the UI is important to me.

Dnyan Deshmukh

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the new quick thread have everything for what you want to remove.

Its a really cool feature and promote people to do post specially, who are not familiar with forum do post using this feature.

I really love it.

Mr Lucky

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Andy's addon looks useful, but there should be something in the core options that would just remove it, it's a complete waste of space to me and just complicates things.

Why is it necessary when there is already a button for posting a thread???

Alternatively, if it's there then there should be an option to remove the button if you don't want both.