XF 2.0 Automatic Breadcrumbs in the Admin CP...


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If I go to "admin.php?smilies/1/edit", the breadcrumbs are as follows: Content > Smilies >

I'm having trouble figuring out why "Smilies" is on that list... and why when I make my own navigation routes, parent pages aren't listed in the breadcrumb the same way. I know I can manually add the breadcrumb; but the existing codes on that smile edit page don't; and I would like to know how.


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To expand... I have my own route:

If I go to admin.php?ewr-rio/services/1/edit the breadcrumb back to the services index doesn't get added automatically like it does on all other pages.


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Specifically it's from the route. The "section context" relates to the selected admin navigation ID and thus is also used for the breadcrumb.