DIASPORA: The NEW Social Network

Read up on the reaction to much of the privacy issue, and the responses from Facebook up until now.

If thats respect, I'm a totally nice person.
Then again i don't use facebook for much other than to easily log into sites and see what the "standard" is for making a social network sites so i can suggest features like theirs :)


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Personally, I think they have been talking about this thing for far too long without an actual demo. With the hype they've generated, Diaspora is going to have a major job being anything other than Disappointora.

That said, I wish them the best of luck. You've got to be either a genius or a certifiable nut job to set yourself up in competition with Facebook.


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There were also major privacy incidents, and now monitoring of users on MySpace.

I don't know if many people remember, but before Facebook started getting large, there were many incidents of pedophiles contacting minors, as well as the various harassment incidents, some of which lead to suicides.

Not much was done by MySpace to combat any of this until after it became a big deal to the news. 


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Diaspora? What an awful name for a social networking site! It's an interesting idea, though it seems more like social broadcasting than social networking. I will keep an eye on it.


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I hope these guys have something big up their sleeves. Taking on facebook is quite a difficult task, of course. I applaud them for taking the challenge though. It'll be quite an accomplishment if they're able to bring a good social networking alternative to facebook. Variety is the spice of life.


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Has the rest of the world realised yet that this thing relies upon hundreds of thousands of individuals hosting Diaspora instances on their own servers? Does anyone here intend to run a Diaspora node, or know someone else who does?