Social Network & App

Greetings all,

I have a project in mind.

I have used the forums Vbulletin 3.8 and 4.2, Simple Machines, Kuena (Joomla), PHPBB and so on. I loved Vbulletin and like most of you came here and found a product which I loved, but when I found Xenforo I see what Vbulletin 5.0 should have been.

However, I need more than a forum and a private social network for my personal clients... Xenforo is not fully what I need, even though I see some good attempts at a "portal" it is not particularly efficient.

I have tried Social Engine (disaster). Community Builder and JomSocial (Joomla). Then moved to which is wonderful and ALMOST what I need... yet full of bugs and issues, with not being as friendly as Xenforo. It is the most complete social network in a box I have found.

What I need is a plugin like PHPFOX which fits into or around Xenforo, plus a customized Iphone and Android App. With articles, privacy according to usergroups, market, events listing, pages (like on Facebook), etc. All tied together on a mobile app which is free for my clients.

Privacy and control of content is a major issue. So I am endeavoring to find others who need this same service to cut my costs and present it to a company who I trust and respect to develop this project.

Any thoughts? Anyone else interested in joining me on this project?

All the best,