Enhance Post Sharing with Social Network Brand Icons

Enhance Post Sharing with Social Network Brand Icons


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Enhance Post Sharing with Social Network Brand Icons - Add social network brand icons to post sharing instead of just the generic share icon

Want to change your per-post sharing icon to add and highlight all the sharing options you've enabled ( /admin.php?options/groups/sharing/ )?

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It's only one simply template edit within your ACP. Steps ...
  • Open your Admin Control Panel, and go to the Appearance | Templates ( /admin.php?templates/ )
  • Make sure your style is selected in the drop down button in the top-left. Select yours, if need...

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Thanks for this thread. I tried to follow your instructions and I ran to an error:

Screenshot_2021-02-24 Edit template post_macros Varasija Taloudellisten syiden uhrit - Admin c...png

I'm sure it has something to do with my XenForo cuz I have a YUUGE list of errors.
I would assume so, nothing looks wrong with the code you added from your screenshot.
You're right on the money.

I wanted to get this to work on my forum so bad that I tried this on a Xenforo Demo forum.

It worked and I didn't face any problems.

Now I'm left to wonder what the heck is wrong with my own forums.

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Got it to work! :)

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