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Adult Social Network - PR2!

Discussion in 'Forum Showcase and Critiques' started by usAdultAds, Apr 28, 2013.

  1. usAdultAds

    usAdultAds Active Member


    My goal is to setup some type of Adult Social Network, so I may have to setup
    my network one piece at a time starting with the forum, design is expensive, coding
    is expensive, and even with premade scripts such as XF, the over all cost to get everything
    coded, and designed is really expensive, and this is why i decided to start with setting
    up the forum, and see where we will go from there.

    The domain I have is PR2 - I just moved all the forum files over lastnight to the
    domain that I will be using, and already 35 results have been found in google, so
    that is pretty good start to indexing since forum was just setup last night, so I have
    no doubt that new posts can be indexed fairly quickly, so if we can get this thing
    going, then I have no doubt, then we could be the next hot spot for adults to hang out....

    The domain has been online for some time now, so I am not quite sure at what
    point the domain has reached PR2 - I guess that can not be a bad thing...right?
    12k backlinks does not hurt either :) and google shows 29k results....

    You are more then welcome to stop by and say hi, but to be honest, there is
    nothing to look at other then a default theme. feel free to help out, make some posts....
    If anything, signup, and let me know if you experience any issues....

    We got a way to go yet. as any progress is made, then I will keep this thread updated.

    (Home page reserved)

    Adult Forum

    Twitter: @AdultHaven
    FB: @AdultHaven

    ps. what do you think of the domain name itself?
    I guess we all have to start somewhere, even at the bottom....
  2. Lee

    Lee Well-Known Member

    Theme looks good, but I doubt you will get much feedback regarding anything else from anyone here!

    Good luck regardless!
  3. usAdultAds

    usAdultAds Active Member

    You are too kind, it does not look that appealing :) I only used this theme (as a starter) so I did not have to look at the defaut.
    and I completely understand your concerns, people have different tastes...some are into games, movies, cars, real estate, this or that....
    It is a free country on what types of sites that people setup (legal), and it is a free country to visit or not visit such sites....

    Thank-You for your comments...

  4. Lee

    Lee Well-Known Member

    I totally agree, like I said I wish you all the luck in the world - just don't expect too much from the people here! Probably not to a lot of peoples taste (mine included :ROFLMAO:). Wasn't trying to be unfair, but ya'know.
  5. CallieJo

    CallieJo Active Member

    That's great that you have a good established domain to start off with.

    Here are a few personal opinions on first glance:
    1. I'm not completely sold on what the site is about on first glance. Maybe it's because there are more forums for the site in general than the content itself. You might want to reconsider adding in more forums for the content of the site and less for the site itself.
    2. Being new, there is not much to read. I'd work on writing up some content next. Maybe some articles, some question threads to get people to reply, some controversial opinions, etc.
    3. Aside from the grey-scale images & logo, there are no images that stand out. Not sure if you'd agree, but I'd consider adding in some custom images per forum or colored forums or change the main grey background to something a little more colorful. IMHO, there needs to be a bit more color somewhere. However, it could be perfect as it is. Your target audience will help you decide.
    4. Love the logo! However, it states "jobs, real estate, personals, and more"...but where are they? You say you are starting with the forum first. We know that. But new visitors might not realize this at first glance. Maybe you can add new forums for these areas until you get the rest coded.
    5. I'm glad to see you don't have porn popping out at visitors. I strongly believe that this will help you gain more members who want to engage in discussion.
    6. I'm not sure if you'd want to show members online and forum stats to guests at this time. Personally, I'd replace that space with something else for guests until you get more activity. Examples: custom banner, ads, custom text to explain what the site is about, some widgets, etc.
    Wishing you much success with your new website! (y)
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  6. usAdultAds

    usAdultAds Active Member

    damn, you guys look at the cracks between the cracks....
    and I have no problem with that, and over time, this is how
    sites find out what their members like and do not like about the site....

    1: I completely agree, after all, I did just set this up on this domain last night :)
    (not the domain itself, but the forum was installed on this domain last night....)
    and I do have to do some home work, and research, I do not want to setup
    bla, bla categories just for the sake of setting them up, but just setting this up
    last night, I just setup a few to show something other then just one category being setup....

    2: I agree again, there is no content, design is below avg for todays modern designed sites....
    However, I did not expect to set this up last night, and have a top notch design up and going by now....

    3: overtime, there will of course more content be added, better graphics, images, content, etc...

    4: Everyone loves the logo, hates the site :) that is to be expected since it is not a modern theme....
    I had this logo created about 6 months ago for a classifieds site on this domain; the classifieds were
    picking up, getting about 20 posts/week, but the classifieds software was complex, so I dumped it....
    So the logo was not created for a single site, it was created for the classifieds site since the site
    had a jobs, real estate, personals section and so on, so rather then not having any logo at
    all, I decided to use the logo that was made for the classifieds site that was up several months back.....

    5: I am not really into porn, nor would I populate a brand new site with any type of ads....
    but as for porn categories, that could be possible in the future if demand calls for them....
    they do carry a bit more liability, minors, who owns what, who doesnt, etc...so that
    maybe something planned out in the future if members want such an area, and I have seen
    some adult sites that do contain some general areas, adult areas (non porn) then I have
    seen adult sites that pretty much are nothing but porn, it would not hurt my feelings to do without the porn....

    6: I do not think hiding member stats will make a big difference; You do not have to be
    that smart to see there is not a lot to work with on the site at the moment. I am not an expert
    on XF, but I do plan to add widgets and other stuff to the forum, however, I have been
    visiting some XF sites here and there to see what they maybe using, or what maybe useful....

    yes, there is much, much, more work to do yet, this is the start, not the end...
    It would be nice if I could find just one honest and reliable person that could
    code php/mysql, and do good design/themes, but to find one person that
    can pull off both tasks is rare, people tend to have one unique skill set, not 2-3....

    thanks for your comments....

  7. Brandon Sheley

    Brandon Sheley Well-Known Member

    Well if I may be honest, here is my review.

    Kill the home page with the big ugly links.
    Setup a redirect to the forum if you're working on a "home page".
    You can setup the top category as a link to your shop so you don't lose that while you wait ;)
    I do like the logo with the devil theme.
    Have you looked at other successful forums in that niche, I've worked on a few if you need some links.
    - this is helpful to see what the popular topics are
    What type of custom coding (you mentioned price in the OP) are you going to add, so far I jut see a default install.
    Along with the logo, the devils, I'd try to setup your category icons as something to tie it with the logo
    Social Network was mentioned in the OP, what are your plans to make this a SM rather then just a forum.
    I like your top category strip :)

    I like the idea and think it has potential but asking now doesn't really give us much to critique in my opinion.
  8. usAdultAds

    usAdultAds Active Member

    You are right, after creating the post, then thinking about it, then its like "why did I do this?"
    nothing to turn your head, nothing there that will make you go wow...
    I guess you can see it as follow the process from the start, rather then
    starting in the middle, or at a time when I would not even consider making this post...
    (if I had traffic, members, lots of posts, then I would have asked them, right?)

    redirect is a good idea, but I have tried that before, so I did not think you could
    redirect a domain to another part of your domain ie: domain.com > forum.domain.com
    maybe I was doing something wrong with the htaccess, but I kept getting a loop-back....

    I am not all that concerned about the store, it has been on the root domain for 3 months
    now, and has done very little, probably a lack of design there also; I am not too concerned about it now....

    I have been to a few sites on and off, plus I hope to do a little more research in the coming days....
    As mentioned in my earlier post, that logo was created a few months back, but that does
    not mean I will use it on this site; however, since I have it, thought I would fill in
    a blank logo spot; maybe even one day, will create a link-to-us page, and list the logo there....
    at least in my head, I have better designs in mind, getting them to the real world will cost money...

    when i mean custom coding, then I pretty much mean that it extends past the forum
    into other areas that XF themers may not know anything about...such as design of other
    platforms, coding of other platforms ie: classifieds, polls, blog, member-signup
    that would have access levels, forum, classifieds, blog, polls, etc, etc...but I am jumping
    ahead of the game; One thing at a time, you never know; I may setup the cms/forum
    setup and decide not to setup anything else; it really depends on the overall end success....
    right now, I think just the forum itself would be more then enough to deal with....

    at this point, nothing is set in stone, nothing is solid....
    and I am always open to ideas and suggestions....
    I say a few minds are better then one....

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  9. Ingenious

    Ingenious Well-Known Member

    I'm a bit lost as to the aim of the site too. The logo says "Jobs, real estate, personals and more..." which implies it's a broad forum but as others have said above, none of that content is actually there. But the main forum header is "Adult Forum | Escorts Forum" which suggests it's a forum for escorts to ply their trade or for "punters" to review them. I know you have explained your logo above, but even so, what exactly is your site aiming to cover? It seems a bit vague and unfocussed at the moment.
  10. usAdultAds

    usAdultAds Active Member

    When I tell someone that I am setting up some type of adult site, their first thought tends to end up in the gutter...
    oh, you are setting up a porn site...? now I am not directing this to you, so please do not take offense...
    Adult does not imply porn right off the bat...If I want to go that direction, then I would have picked something
    like PornHaven.com (if available) I picked the word AdultHaven.com - I thought common sense would
    imply that it is some type of Adult Community For Adults; and adult discussion/conversation can be
    very broad across several topics, adult discussion does not mean it has to be all sex, all porn, all the time,
    but can certainly can include these topics, so other discussions can take place also; I also did not setup something
    that would attract teens, or I would have went with TeenHaven.com and see meaningless comments like;
    How much homework did you have today; What time did you get up today; What is your favi color, and so on....

    I was looking on a fairly popular adult forum the other day, and seen a category called "computers" wow, ok
    the adult forum has a category called "computers" sure, at first thought, you are thinking why would the
    adult forum have a category about "computers"? now I think, why not, why cant adults talk about computers also?
    In fact, they appear to have several off-topic discussions that do not appear to relate to the forum as a whole....
    So they are not focused right? So what can adults discuss or talk about on some type of adult forum?

    You are right about the title "Escorts Forum" that alone seems to imply there is an escort area, but I was jumping
    head of the game a little bit...more categories at this point would just leave the forum with more empty threads...
    If I cant fill few that I have now, then how in the world would I be able to fill another 20 or so threads, so therefore
    the forum is not complete, and I understand your concerns; it is bad enough see the forum empty as it is
    much less trying to add more categories to give the appearance of a deeper emptiness on the forum.

  11. Ingenious

    Ingenious Well-Known Member

    I agree with you, there's always scope for adult orientated sites which are NOT porn, and there are certainly a great deal of niches (or even fetishes, if you want to get into it deeper). It's just at the moment I don't really understand which area your forum is focusing on. With respect to Escorts Forum, it wasn't just a forum name, it was the main header (and page title). If you call a site "Escorts Forum" it kind of suggests it's a forum about Escorts unless I am missing something. Anyway, good luck with it, keep us informed of how it goes.
  12. usAdultAds

    usAdultAds Active Member

    I got to admit, you are guys are pretty helpful; If one day, demand calls for it, then I would be willing to go as sick as people want to go... ;)
    I am not forum expert; I am not a XF expert, and I guess for any new forum, its pretty much 100% trial and error to see what members are looking for....
    and for the time being I did replace "Escorts Forum" with the forum title: AdultHaven.com

    Its all trial and error right now; I think over time, hopefully it will become more clear, at least I hope so anyway....

  13. bot

    bot New Member

    good luck making it popular

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