Network limits / credits within the AWS network / LB / Route 53?


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Today my forum is really busy due to a big headline on the topic of my forum.
The EC2 and RDS instances worked wonderfully for a few hours, EC2 still had many credits left until the end.

All of a sudden, however, the forum can only be reached very slowly, with eternal waiting times for the pages to load, the pages are often visually destroyed (css does not load correctly), often Cloudflare delivers 502 errors.

It feels like the network bandwidth has been limited or some credits have been used up.
Besides the credits for EC2 and RDS, are there any credits or bandwidth limits for the load balancer, Route 53 or the network in general? So that a limit was exceeded today due to the very well-attended forum and something was throttled?

I have also had this problem in recent years on important days like today. There must be a limit that I don't know.

Thanks for any urgent hint.