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This isn't exactly a bug per se, but I'm reporting it more for aesthetic and (sort of) consistency reasons.

While it makes sense grammatically, it just sounds a bit weird to me. Warning Details sounds better and is consistent with Warning Points.

KHF Warning 1.PNG

KHF Warning 2.PNG

The phrase is details_of_warning. Although if this ends up being worthy of a fix, the phrase title should also be changed to warning_details. It's only used in the warning_info template, so it should only take about 10-15 seconds to change the phrase title, phrase text, and the phrase title in the template. :)

Rich (BB code):
<dl class="ctrlUnit">
        <dt>{xen:phrase details_of_warning}:</dt>
            <xen:if is="{$warning.notes}"><div class="muted">{xen:helper bodytext, $warning.notes}</div></xen:if>

Like with everything else of this nature that I've reported, whether it was fixed or not, I know you can easily change phrases to your liking, but still.
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I know I know but this one is different (I believe) because you are suggesting to also change the name of the phrase.

Anyway the devs have the last word here as you said.
It's not really a suggestion. That's simply so the phrase name will be consistent with the change if this ends up getting changed.
Or maybe even change it to Warn/Warned user.

That doesn't really make sense. Warning details is the title of the warning, not whether or not the user was warned, though I see how it can be confusing. As such, for our own site, we customized the warning_info template a little:

KHF Warning.PNG
I have moved this to Suggestions, for now.

As you acknowledged, this isn't a bug per se, and it's not exactly inconsistent, either. Very much appears, even based on the feedback in the thread, that this is mostly down to personal preference.
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