1. A

    Not a bug Likely typo in option_explain.boardUrlCanonical

    Shouldn't it be "disabled"?
  2. A

    Fixed Master values of custom phrases not displayed in child languages

    Not sure whether it should be considered as a bug or a thing to be improved: Creating a custom phrase in a parent language and editing it in a child language displays the master value field empty: Shouldn't it be populated with the value of the custom phrase in the parent language? That's...
  3. Mr. Jinx

    Duplicate Filter frontend and backend phrases (translations)

    I know this suggestion is no fun, but it would help making better translations for XF. Currently there is no way to filter phrases that are used by the frontend and/or ACP. Most times, when translating, your goal is to translate 100% of the phrases used by the frontend. The ACP is less...
  4. Mr. Jinx

    Translate Outdated Phrases 1.0.0

    Add the 'translate layout' to the page with outdated phrases. This will make it a lot easier to translate loads of outdated phrases. In my case I had to review 1000+ outdated phrases. Using this add-on helped me a lot to do it faster and more efficient. Example output: Translations English...
  5. Mr. Jinx

    Lack of interest Translate outdated phrases

    Going to 'outdated phrases' gives a list of phrases. In this cases a very long list of phrases that I want to translate. Would it be possible to use the same layout as when you search for phrases and press translate? The translate page is very handy but is not available for outdated phrases...
  6. CMTV

    XF 2.1 Old title returned without page reload

    My entity class has a MasterTitle relation and title getter: public function getTitle() { $definition = $this->Definition; $paramPhrase = \XF::phrase($this->getPhraseName()); return $paramPhrase->render('html', ['nameOnInvalid' => false]) ?: ($definition ? $definition->title : ''); }...
  7. BassMan

    [cXF] Remove Inbox and Alerts phrase 1.0.0

    Description: This add-on removes Inbox and Alerts phrase to show only icons. - without add-on - - with add-on -
  8. CMTV

    XF 2.0 Order by phrase

    Hi! I am getting my entitites from database with this code: return $this->finder('UserProgression:Title')->with('MasterTitle'); Later I fetch the results: $titles = $this->getTitleRepo()->getTitleListData()->fetch(); // >>>Sort by $title->title field?<<< $viewParams = [ 'titles' =>...
  9. CMTV

    XF 2.0 Table with ID only?

    Hi! I want to create a list of titles (just like trophies) which users can select. The title enitity structure consists of title_id and the title phrase. But for title I want to use MasterTitle relation so I don't need title column. It seems I have to create a table xf_addonid_title with only...
  10. Hoffi

    Lack of interest Missing Phrases

    It would be very helpful to have the function, to display missing phrases. If the Portal tries to find a phrase and there is no avaiable, this phrase can be added into a seperate table, and in the AdminCP you can get a list of missing phrases. Perfect would be, if the system can suggest the...
  11. NamePros

    Not a bug Missing phrases

    Phrases are/were missing for these: + Quote: "Review Selected Messages" + Quote: "Drag messages up and down to rearrange the order for quoting."
  12. Dike Drummond

    XF 1.5 How to access the thank you page for confirming registration

    I want to edit the thank you page people are taken to after the link confirming registration in the registration email. In my forum it looks like this: I want to change the text to tell them where to go next to...
  13. Neutral Singh

    XF 1.5 How to pass a variable in a phrase in postbit?

    How can i pass a variable in a phrase in the postbit? So, that along with every post, the name of the poster can be shown as shown in the image. For example: Phrase abc has value "Start a Conversation with {username}", here what would the xenforo variable to be passed in the phrase... i hope i...
  14. R

    How can I use unicode characters in phrases?

    Every time when I save a phrase with an unicode smiley and I view it the next time the special unicode character is gone. So (how) can I insert unicode characters into phrases?
  15. Dadparvar

    XF 1.5 How to change multiple phrases at once

    Hi, I translated all phrases of "XFRM" and used "ABC" instead of "Resource" in all phrases. Now I want to change all of "ABC" to "XYZ" at once. Not only those that are only "ABC", but also those that for example are in middle of a phrase like "{user} liked your ABC {title}". (It takes time to...
  16. Aurèle

    Registering confirmation message in wrong langage

    Hello, I'm having a problem on my forum which is in another langage than English. When I register, I see the "thanks_for_registering_to_complete_registration_follow_link" phrase in english and not in my langage. Right after, if I visit the forum, everything is in my langage so the langage...
  17. Jake B.

    Beta Search & Replace in Phrases 1.0.0

    NOTE: It is very easy for something to go wrong while using this add-on, so it is very highly recommended that you do not run it on a live site, but do it on a development board then export the language. It is also not recommended to use this on very common words as it will likely time out...
  18. erich37

    Duplicate change wording for "Download Not Available"

    the current wording "Download Not Available" is kinda misleading since the Resource is actually available..... the "guest" just needs to register at the Forum in order to download the Resource. So in fact the Resource is indeed "available". Currently: Suggestion: :) Rules for...
  19. Amaury

    Not a bug Typo in the "option_addBanUserGroup_explain" Phrase

    When a user is banned, they can be added to a specific user group while the ban is active. This allows overrides to their user group styling, for example. Ignore this...
  20. Jon W

    Fixed Inconsistent use of commas and semicolons in field_display_html_description phrase

    In the phrase field_display_html_description, semi-colons are used to separate the first two placeholders, and commas are used for the rest.