Not a bug Likely typo in option_explain.boardUrlCanonical


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XenForo > ACP > option_explain.boardUrlCanonical said:
If enabled, the board URL setting will be treated as the canonical installation URL. If visitors access your site through a different URL, they will be redirected to the appropriate canonical URL. When enabled, you must ensure that your board URL setting is correct. If it is not correct, areas outside the admin control panel will not be accessible!
Shouldn't it be "disabled"?

While the URL canonicalisation is enabled, if the full base portion of the URL that accesses the forum does not match the board URL option then the canonicalization option being enabled will try to redirect you to the board URL. Hence when enabled, you must ensure the board URL is correct.
I see. Starting with „If enabled“ and iterating it „When enabled“ threw me off. Usually, when describing options, XenForo states two opposite alternatives: "if enabled…" vs "if disabled…".
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