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  1. Amaury

    Not a bug Typo in the "option_addBanUserGroup_explain" Phrase

    When a user is banned, they can be added to a specific user group while the ban is active. This allows overrides to their user group styling, for example. Ignore this...
  2. J

    Fixed @var for discussion definition is incorrect in XenForo_DataWriter_Discussion

    Very small issue that ended up throwing me earlier when I was trying to extend the thread datawriter. In XenForo_DataWriter_Discussion, this: /** * Data about the discussion's definition. * * @var XenForo_DiscussionMessage_Definition_Abstract */ protected...
  3. Romchik®

    Fixed Small typo in option_urlToPageTitle_explain

    Phrase option_urlToPageTitle_explain. ... Use the textbox below to specify a format. ... But field is above :)