XF 1.5 Design Tweaks

Hi, I'm trying to change the colour of where it has links for 'Mark Forums Read, Search Forums' etc and also for where it says 'Virtual Football League'.. Oh there's no gradient in the "Image" boxes yet its still showing like this.


Also looking to change the colour of thread lists within the boards to be more transparent.
Any help would be appreciated!


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Sub-Navigation Links: Style Properties > Header and Navigation > Selected Tab Sub-Link

Title Bar:

.titleBar h1 { color: #FF0000; }
I'm not sure what gradients you're talking about. Also, could you post a screenshot regarding the color of thread lists and what you want to change?
Hi Amaury :) Thanks for responding

In regards to gradient, I'm referring to the clear background for where the Sub Nav Links and H1 Header is.
I've tried "Sub-Navigation Links: Style Properties > Header and Navigation > Selected Tab Sub-Link" route however this is what happens...


In regards to the CSS code you've added.. That doesn't work. The code is clearly correct as I've used it elsewhere but there may be something stopping me from editing the heading...
Went through the code in CSS files and eventually found the area where I could edit the Header and Title etc.

Thanks for your assistance Amaury :)


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My bad. That's already clear by default. The sidebar background comes from the general secondary content, and you don't want to change that style property as it will make other areas transparent, too.

You'll need CSS for this one:

.sidebar .secondaryContent { background-color: transparent; }