Fixed Dead Links when javascript disabled

As we have strict security on our company server, javascript is disabled in many browsers.
So I started testing on a javascript disabled FF 5.01.

Allthough lots of functionality gets lost, xenforo works fine, general satisfaction with company browsers.

BUT one thing is annoying.

In a forum, the Thread Display Options box is open, (thats logic and ok as js is disabled)

But the Thread Display Options LINK is there, and when you click on it, it sends you back to the homepage. (I personally think it should simply be disabled or removed) .

I know its a minor bug, but while you are at it, fixing it would do no harm. (especially that search engines often work without js, and that would be a link that sends them root)



If you need a fix ASAP:

open template thread_list
search for
<h3 id="DiscussionListOptionsHandle"><a href="#">{xen:phrase thread_display_options}</a></h3>
replace with
<h3 id="DiscussionListOptionsHandle" class="JsOnly"><a href="#">{xen:phrase thread_display_options}</a></h3>