XF 1.5 Users Cannot Register on FreeBasics (JavaScript Disabled).


My forum was recently accepted on FreeBasics (0.freebasics.com), a free internet service introduced by Facebook which is currently sponsored by many service providers.
I found out that a lot of people visit my forum from their platform but their registrations are always rejected with registration error reports. I've tried to regsiter myself and noticed the error that the details were not entered on the form which is not true.

The system disables Javasript, I know Xenforo uses Javascript timer to help reduce spam but I disabled it by setting the value to 0.
Login worls well but resgidtration doesn't. Please is there any way to solve this?


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XF is not guaranteed to work on free hosts as they typically restrict or disable a lot of functions.

You will likely need to use a regular, paid host.


It's not free host, I am running on my own VPS box.The service I am talking about is free Internet service introduced by Facebook but Javascript is disabled.
Members using the service receive error reports on registration.

Chris D

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In the same vein, XenForo isn't guaranteed to work without JS enabled either.

That said, I don't think that's the issue here. I just tried to sign up with JS disabled and the error I'm getting is:


There's only one password field. Our code expects there to be two - one for confirmation.

If you add that field back in, can you confirm it now works correctly?


I am using quick registration addon which removes password verification. Registration works fine in a normal internet subscription but not on FreeBasic service.
The problem seems to be as a result of the disabled Javascript by the service.

Please is there any way of disabling Javascript checking on registration?