Duplicate  Member not found error when trying to unfollow with JavaScript disabled


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Bug: when trying to unfollow a member with JavaScript disabled, an error is showed, telling the user the requested member could not be found.

How to reproduce:

Step 1: disable JavaScript in browser

Step 2: unfollow a followed member:
Step 3: error is showed:

Additional information:
Mac OS X 10.6.4
Safari 5.0.2


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I searched thread titles for 'unfollow' so couldn't find earlier reports. But since that thread is pretty old and seems to be somewhat forgotten, this can serve as a reminder to the devs (in case they didn't see yours or forgot about it) :)


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The thread isn't forgotten. :) Anything that isn't in the resolved forum isn't forgotten; it hasn't been, well, resolved yet. (Some of them may end up with no change though.)

As that thread also includes other issues, let's use that one.