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Is there a way to remove this from the list of two-step verification providers? I cannot find an option to turn it off. (I use another addon which adds a "Passkeys" entry in the list which we are using.)

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If I have to go into developer mode, or create a template modification to remove it, either way would be acceptable.
You may be able to get this done by disabling the TFA provider in the xf_tfa_provider table. Something like UPDATE xf_tfa_provider SET active = 0 WHERE provider_id = 'dbtech_security_authn'.

That being said, Passkeys is not the same as a hardware security key. It's a pure-software implementation of physical security keys, so users who prefer physical security keys would - to my knowledge - not be satisfied with only Passkeys.

DragonByte Tech

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This version changes some internal functions to no longer rely on deprecated XenForo functions, and fixes a server error that could occur with certain maliciously crafted URLs.

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Change: Change UTF-8 related functions
Fix: Certain URLs could cause a server error in dispatcherPostRender

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