database marking system question / suggestion


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I really like the way xf.coms database marking system is set up.

Question: Are there other database marking systems intended?

Suggestion: If yes, could you please consider setting the default to what it is on now?

More info:
In the past many forums have started with vb, and the default was not the database marking method. Because they were brand new forums with no members (at first) there was not much server load. Then the admins & members got used to the non-database marking system and are reluctant to change.

When a forum is extremely young there are few posts and the non-database marking system works ok, but once a forum gets busier, it is extremely difficult to sit down and read all threads of interest in one block of time, and whatever threads were not read during that block of time, are marked as read.

The reason it is of concern to me, the more standardized the xf default implementation is, the more people feel comfortable going between various forums, and that makes life easier for them.

(possibly move this to suggestions? not sure)