Combined Search and Article/Question/Suggestion node types

Stuart Wright

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So this is something that just occurred to me.
What if we have Article threads dotted around relevant discussion forums, and we wanted to have a Search node which shows only Articles from a specific Category or whole forum.
Could we have a Search Type forum which is also an Article Type forum so that it shows search results which are only Article threads and has the Article type forum functionality?

I was thinking that in the thread search criteria page (for batch updating threads and creating Search nodes), there will almost certainly be the addition of the Thread Type, right? It wasn't there in the Search Forums video, but I'd be surprised if it's not going to be included.
So if we create a Search node which only contains Articles, wouldn't it be good if the extra functionality for Article type forums were present?
Ditto a Search node only showing Question threads. Wouldn't it be good if you could show all the Question threads within a certain category or from the whole forum and have the extra Search type forum functionality?

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