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Add-on Custom XenPorta Block - Featured Resources $$

Discussion in 'Resource and Add-on Requests' started by BillyGoat4130, May 23, 2014.

  1. BillyGoat4130

    BillyGoat4130 Member

    I don't know whether this should be done with php, or it would be possible to pull part of the template from the resource manager index and massage it, but basically, the standard XenPorta "Recent News" block, I want;


    But I want this to work with featured resources instead. Clicking "Continue Reading" will take you to the resource itself.

    Comments, will take you to the discussion for the resource in question.

    This could be simple, or easy, I'm not sure. I'm currently experimenting with using the resource manager more as an article system, and so far I can find no good or easy way to display that content created in the resource manager on the "front page" in a portal type arrangement.
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  2. Anılcan

    Anılcan Active Member

    Do you want to a kinf of article system?
  3. BillyGoat4130

    BillyGoat4130 Member

    Thats my ultimate intent - yes. Made a lot of trimming and template changes on the template manager and a ton of chances for the Resource Manager to be an article system. I just need a reliable fairly simple way to display them on the "front page" now.

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