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XenPorta Block?

Wasn't sure where to put this...

I've seen this on a couple of sites now:


Only, the code that comes with XenPorta doesn't contain this block, and I've searched through the add-ons to find one that does this and came up empty.

Do you recognized this feature? Hovering over a name shows the time they last visited in numeric format.

If I was to code this via HTML, what xen statements would I need to get the members like above?



Well-known member


Well-known member
Semantics. :) Problem solved nevertheless. Thank you
Not semantics. You were pointing out that I'd linked you to the wrong add-on. I was pointing out that I wasn't based on the screenshot you posted. If I had been wrong, the add-on author would have corrected me instead of liking my post. ;)

Anyway, either add-on will work nicely, definitely worth there small fee charged. :)