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Lack of interest Featured resources under navigation on every site, sort by newest, random,...


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i sugest a way to display featured resources under the navigation on a xenforo page I want. What i mean is look like my faked screen shot below. It shows the forum list and under navigation and breadcrumps a block with 3 featured resources:


Call it "featured resource block" or what ever - but i think it can be a realy nice feature for xenforos resource manager add-on.

We can use it for normaly "resources", but also for article resources or what ever. :)


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I actually quite like this idea. A scrolling carousel of featured resources. It would be great if you could get it pulling from specific resource categories depending on the forum you are viewing - that would need a mapping between forum nodes and resource nodes. Perhaps a "related forum ids" on the resource category could do that.

So as to not reinvent the wheel, it would make a great addition to the widget framework. @xfrocks @AndyB

There aren't enough ways to expose resources throughout the software so a definite thumbs up here.