XF 1.1 Custom User Fields in XenForo 1.1


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That ability is not in XenForo 1.1, but may come in the future.

In the meantime, if any add-on developers want to come up with an interim solution, this is all you need to know:
Rich (BB code):
CREATE TABLE `xf_user_field_value` (
  `user_id` int(10) unsigned NOT NULL,
  `field_id` varchar(25) NOT NULL,
  `field_value` mediumtext NOT NULL,
  PRIMARY KEY (`user_id`,`field_id`),
  KEY `field_id` (`field_id`)
would be great to be able to do something like this (without any Sphinx-engine) and being able to search for members in more detail, e.g. for a Singles-Forum, etc.
And being able to put this search-box onto the homepage, as this would be a main-feature for such a website.


Even some of my users (which are over 60 years old of age) complained to me that the search at my Forum is crap, because they can not search for females with blond hair or females in their area.
One user said: "your website is crap, searching for users by username does not make any sense...."


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Is there any way we can allow certain usergroups to edit custom user fields and certain usergroups not to?


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Would like to know if anyone is working on a search for custom user fields.
My interest is both admin search and a selected usergroup search on the frontend.
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Is there any way we can allow certain usergroups to edit custom user fields and certain usergroups not to?
This would be great if possible? I am looking for a solution where staff can have 'Site Staff' under their username without utilising the user title function?
I may have missed it, but I can't seem to work out how to make a custom field that produces a click-able URL. I have set the Value Requirements to URL but once entered, that typed in web address is not clickable on the members profile.

I expect there is something else I need to do but I'm brand new to XF so haven't been able to figure it out yet :(


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How make "Custom User Fields" on two different languages (when user switches language)? Which file i must translate after creation new custom field?


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Not sure if that's the right place to post this, and maybe it's public knowledge and I just missed it. But if you are relying on some $visitor['customFields']['field'], your code should be aware of the possibility that the array key might just be missing for some users. So it's not just an empty value, it's missing completely. Which makes sense on one hand. But left me with a really weird and stupid bug today o_O