XF 1.5 Crashing during VB4 import


I'm in the process of importing a VB 4.1.7 to the latest XF Build.

During large imports (users, avatars, PMs, posts) it runs for about 30 seconds or so and then I get an error message in Chrome:

The new.xterranation.org page isn’t working
new.xterranation.org didn’t send any data.


It stays that way for about 45-seconds to a minute, and I have to refresh it and it continues the import. When it crashes like this, it seems to stop importing.

It completes eventually, but I have to babysit it.

Ideas? Thanks.


XenForo developer
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This sort of response generally indicates that PHP itself is crashing or being forcibly killed before it can complete. It's possible there's some sort of CPU watcher on your server that is being tripped (as an import is an intensive process).

If you have control over the server, then it'd be important to identify what is causing PHP to be terminated unexpectedly. Otherwise, babysitting the process is unfortunately going to be necessary.