XF 2.0 VB4 Import + XF2 Upgade. Unable to view some forums.


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This is partly my fault, I suppose, for not spotting this until after doing so many steps. I'm not sure at which point it broke -- during the import? During the upgrade? When removing unneeded user groups?

The original VB4 forum I imported had a subforum that was only visible to users with Usergroup A. I imported into XF 1.5, seemingly smooth, no noticeable errors. I removed some of the old user groups no longer in use (including Usergroup A), then upgraded to XF 2.0.

When browsing the forum, I can't see the forums that would previously have been hidden. However, I've configured the Node settings so that all usergroups should be able to view it. Even as the super Admin, I can't see any of them on the actual forum, but they're there in the admin settings. Is there further troubleshooting I can try, or a known solution?

Thank you.


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Of course: see below. Note that I am trying to set it so that all users can view it, but not post to it (it's an archive).



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You should check analyze permissions to determine what permissions are being applied.

It's important to note that we generally import your group configuration as is, but this often isn't using the exact approach that we recommend within XF. It's worth having a read about our recommended approach if you haven't: https://xenforo.com/xf2-docs/manual/groups-permissions/


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Following up -- it turns out that the missing forums were somehow corrupted in the original VB4. It was not a problem with Xenforo or the import. These were some much older posts that hadn't been touched for a while. I was hoping not to lose them, but it seems they were already lost and we never realized.

Thank you very much to KawaiiHannah for trying to help me last night, and to Mike for your suggestion.