XF 1.5 Converting site to use SSL


Hello all,

Hope that this lands in the correct forum section.

I'm in the process of moving from an SMF site to Xenforo. As you would imagine there is quite a lot to do since the site has been active for 5 years, many custom plugins installed etc.

Anyway I want to move in the right direction and use SSL on my site. I have just installed it on the "old" site (the one still using SMF).
So I currently have:
The mainsite using SSL and SMF (old website)
New site on a sub domain using Xenforo (new website)

The problem:
The old website can't get full SSL since there is still some HTTP links on it.

When I merge the old website with the new website how should I do in order to make sure that everything gets and HTTPS link?
How do you do with all custom avatars, images etc from websites that does not use SSL?

I hope this give an overview of the problem, if not please ask and I will try to give more details.

Thanks in advance!


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Easiest answer is to host all the content thus why you have an image proxy where you host the content of images posted by members.

The avatars, even uploaded by members are hosted by you? Then it will also be SSL.

There issue you have is external JavaScript like advertising that doesn't do SSL like Amazon.


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One of the biggest headaches for me moving from non-SSL to SS-XF was the user content. Historically users posted images hosted on external sites like photo bucket. This would cause everything to break.

The simplest solution was to use an add-on by @AndyB called Convert Image Without that, it's a PIA.

The same for hosting stuff externally - either force HTTPS with them or if they don't support it, host it locally.


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But the https proxy settings do not work under the following conditions.

1. The linked 'http' image originates from the same xenforo gallery website.
2. The linked http gallery image was inserted in the caption text field before the site switched from http to https.

A lot of my users are inserting gallery images into the image caption field of other gallery images which show as broken images, now.


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Thank you for the link. I will run the manual sql command.

UPDATE xengallery_field_value SET field_value = REPLACE(field_value, 'http://', 'https://');