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So I'm moving from WordPress back to XF (and will renew my license once I have enough funds in my community account).

For some reason, people can't sign in or register. I dunno why?

I checked a few threads and someone mentioned Varnish, which I don't think I have. I am on Cloudways with DigitalOcean machines. I did however, have Object Cache installed. Would this be the cause? I'm not 100% sure.


EDIT: Sometimes we also get security error.
We do have Cloudflare connected.
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The only caching I've used for years are memcached, Redis and opcache directly on the VPS/server instance.
Use CloudFlare for most of the other stuff to speed up serving the pages.
And if you play with CloudFlare... avoid RocketLoader (or better known as Rocket<EXP>Loader) like the plague.

Apparently Rocket Loader was enabled. I turned it off. Clearing Cloudflare cache. Any other settings that may possibly cause issues besides Varnish and Rocket Loader?

Edit: It seems that the "cookies required" error went away with Rocket Loader off, but the "security" error is still there.

Edit 2: I have SSL set to "Full" (not Full Strict)
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