XF 2.2 Cookies are Required issue - fixed by Varnish exclusion


I just migrated my site from ABCforum.com to abc.com/forum and I'm getting the dreaded:

"Oops! We ran into some problems. Cookies are required to use this site. You must accept them to continue using the site"

I have searched up and down the forum but no suggestions are working. I have:

1) Ensured all forwarding from abcforum.com goes only to https://www.abc.com/forum/index.php
2) Updated my XenForo license to point to https://www.abc.com/forum with no trailing /
3) Updated my Options > Site URL thing to be: https://www.abc.com/forum with no trailing /
4) Turned on canonicalization
5) Excluded the entire https://www.abc.com/forum/ dire
ctory from Varnish caching on the server
^^ this was the issue. The Varnish exclusion was changed to "/forum/" instead of "https://www.abc.com/forum/" and it works now.

Edge worked for me and another user and we can login, but Chrome does not. Other people have tried Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, iPhone Safari, etc. all with no success. We can view the forum, but when we press login the error appears and halts progress.

Despite Edge working for me, when I cleared Edge's cookies, cache, site data, etc. it stopped working for me. So now I may be stuck with no admin panel. :eek:

Many different users on many different browsers are experiencing this issue. I just don't know what else to try. Any ideas?
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Ok, I was able to resolve the issue. I use Cloudways which has a front-end for Varnish exclusions. In that, I had an original exclusion of:

which is a format that seems to work for other things. However, I added another exclusion:


and that seemed to fix it.
same issue only for admin panel log out autohave resolve issue the xenforo admin suggest to exlude admin panel from cache but i dont now how
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