Lack of interest Content Tag Management in the Admin CP


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Please add a content tag manager that will allow:
  • easy deletion of unused tags
  • find and merge similar tags (there are algorithms to find similar words and mispellings)
  • and any other feature that will make tag management easier.

Unfortunately there are a lot of faulty tags in my database as a result from how photopost handles tags. (photopost breaks all words into separate tags)

It would be very useful to have a way to sanitize the database so that only valid tags are left.
Some examples:
Valid tag: 'Xen Media Gallery'
Invalid tags: 'xen' 'media' gallery' 'xenmediogallery' 'xenmediagallerie' 'alfa1 loves xenmediagallery and cant get enough of it so he creates this very long tag'
Photopost breaks up valid terms into invalid words.
Users tend to misspell or add useless tags.

Erroneous tags can partly be identified if users do not add the tag to more than 1 entry.
Misspellings can only be identified by browsing members, who could report them or by moderators who can somehow access the tag database.
Automatically deleting very long tags can be useful. Though the same tags would also be deleted if all tags are deleted that have 0 or 1 entry associated.
Deleting, merging and renaming tags would be useful.
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If tags are effectively user-generated content, then this definitely needs some admin tools to manage them.


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I support comprehensive tag management for the entire community.

There needs to be something in the Control Panel to mass add / edit / delete tags.