Add-on Consecutive subscription emails

In xenForo, a member (who is subscribed to a thread by email) only receives an email for the first response. They receive no further email updates until they visit the thread and it's marked as read.

I would love to see an add-on that allows members to subscribe to all consecutive thread updates, and not just the first one. This is a feature my members really miss since we migrated from different forum software.

Is anyone interested in creating something like this?


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There is a line of code in the Post model which you have to comment in order for this to work. Same question has been asked before on the forum, but I can't find the link to the thread.
Thanks, Aayush! :) Knowing there was a section you could comment out helped me in my search. I seem to have found the thread you were referring to here and will give this method a try.

I'd still (ideally) love to see an add-on for this rather than editing the files -- but this should work for now.