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XF 1.4 Complete member privacy.


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I know similar questions have been asked several times, but I am wondering how I can completely hide our users, from being viewed by guests - not logged in.

I need to hide their usernames, membercard/postbit and so on.
I have done the users online and member tabs permissions, for not logged in.
We currently have an addon that if a guest clicks on a profile link, they see the warning - you must be logged in... etc..

But I really need a way to hide our members from guests whom view threads and thread content.

I have seen one or two things, but can't really make heads' nor tails' from them..
Many thanks




Will this do it??

This is halfway there;


XenForo developer
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You're probably going to need custom development for something like this unless you just block guest access entirely. There are a ton of places where usernames are output.