Add-on HIRING - Hide Add-on Complete Offer CPA or 10 Posts

I am currently using this add-on

The site gets sometimes 400 sign ups a day of people signing up to access the content.

I want to monazite this content using AdWorkMedia. I need a bespoke add-on that gives users a choice that is conferrable from the add-on menu,.

1. Make 10 posts to see the hidden content.
2. Complete an offer and see hidden content instantly.

AdWorkMedia have an API and callback, is this something you could create?

I asked AdWorkMedia about this and here is what they had to say:

Our tools should integrate easily with your site as we have other users that do a similar setup.

We recommend using our Postback Tracking for receiving conversion notices into your system. You can send a tracking ID/user ID for each click through the "sid", "sid2", or "sid3" variables in all of our tracking links. Here is a sample postback file that you can use to model your own file to receive the conversion notices and credit your users:

You can also use our API Services to pull a date period of completions and check the sub ID or user's IP to see if they completed a valid lead.

If someone could have a look at their API services and see if they can integrate this. It should work like this:

1. User must have 10 posts (or reply thank you - admin configurable)
2. Would appear something like this:

You must have 10 posts to view this content, or alternatively click here to complete an offer and get immediate access.

Once a visitor or registered user clicks complete an offer it should take them to AdWorkMedia using their API and that will show a list of offers, and when a user completes an offer it should take them back to the page and reveal the content.

Currently all the content on the site is hidden using the [hide] [/hide] tags.
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