XF 1.2 Compact design


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Hi all,

First let me say I love this software!
Second I am a total noob when it comes to this stuff.

I have a question about it though, I made site compact with the margin percents under page width controllers but when I view it from my cell phone in landscape mode it looks really messed up. Attached is a screenshot. I would like the forums to stretch all the way to the edges of the screen when viewing on a mobile device in landscape mode. Any help will be greatly appreciated!



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Looks great, your forums stretch all the way to the sides of the screen.

How do I remove the margins but keep it the forum compact like your site?


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Okay that worked but now the site is not centered. It is moved all the way to the left on the desktop.

Nevermind Brogan I found it! Had to delete the _ before margin. Thank you very much for you help!


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The margin: 0 auto; should center it.
You may have other settings elsewhere which are overriding it.

Edit: I just checked and it's centered for me.