Coffee, tastes so good


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That's pretty much the only coffee I drink. Was so bummed when the only Dunkin' Donuts near me closed because they didn't pay their taxes, heh, until this stuff hit the shelves at Costco!
Yeah, I buy it at our local grocery stores here and brew it at home. Delicious :)


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Ok I just rediscovered Folgers coffee. I have been drinking Maxwell House coffee for nearly 4 years now, it was bland and I just didn't notice it. Bought a canister of Folgers a couple of days ago, made a pot of coffee tonight and OMG it tastes like coffee, not something bland. Coffee is my replacement for smoking and I feel I have my blanket back. LMAO

What coffee do others drink? Do you use a flavor liquid creamer or flavored powder creamer? Milk? Sugar? Half and Half?

I have been a part of this community for so long, it is time for me to actually post some stuff so others get to know me outside of XenForo. So first is my favorite addiction.


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Oh that is the 98 one? They released a new one back in November or December. The 98 one is much better than the new one. Didn't realize it was from 98. LOL


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Got one for the wifey. WE love it lmao.
Only issue with it, is when it decides to randomly get clogged up :( then I have to burp it for 20 minutes straight lol
You have to get her to use the rinse feature after making a cup :) (I am assuming here you have a model with that bad if you don't)

That feature is by far the smartest thing done for keurig brewers since their invention. I usually leave a cup out just for the rinse while I am throwing out the used k-cup the brewer is cleaning and with the water being as hot as it is I can also rinse the spoon in that water flow and whip it dry so it can be used to scoop the sugar for the next cup ...because I am lazy when it comes to washing dishes...

I originally won a b100 model before the brewers were publicly offered and at that time you had to order the k-cups from the company in favorite coffee really gunked up the machine and the b100 was very basic and there was no effective way to clean it (other than running vinegar and descaling agent through it)....after a couple of years it went kaput.

I for like a year was obsessed with German chocolate cake coffee...

(oddly because I DESPISE flavored coffee) and ordered 4 boxes with each order but have since dunkin donuts offers k-cups don't even bother drinking anything else unless they (keurig) is sending me free samples of new flavors or vendors which is cool :)


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Yeah we manually clean ours. I have run water through it every other use. OR I'm stuck burping it for ages....

Timothy's is good. Came in a sample pack. I bought another sample pack and all they sent were the dark roasts... I'll drink it, but it's not my fave lol.


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Yeah we manually clean ours. I have run water through it every other use. OR I'm stuck burping it for ages....
Awww....burping your baby :D

They just sent me some sample of something I hadn't ordered ever...when I go upstairs I will get the name of it..

My mother drinks this sometimes and says it's great...I take her word for it however...(I am very picky about what I eat not that I am a health nut but when not in survival mode I am not that adventurous when it comes to cuisine and such)

My mother also got me a box of this (though not a fan of dark roast myself) which I found to be hilarious...

The Vienna Coffee House samples were not too bad, those I have tried and will drink if there is no Dunkin in the house


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Some interesting coffee tidbits that I heard on the radio (a talk show) today.

Did you know that dark coffee typically has less caffeine than light or medium roast? Yeah, see, I didn't either.

Did you know there is a coffee that has twice as much caffeine due to the crossbreeding...?? It's supposedly the strongest coffee in the world and is so named..."Deathwish Coffee". LINK HERE

Apparently, the stuffs like speed...drink two cups and you can't stop working. Drink a whole pot...and your head explodes. I'm getting ready to order me some. :coffee: