And things were going so good....


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Ok, this is my first forum install. I ran the pre-install test script. Everything checked out fine. Uploaded all the files, no problem. Went through the install, no problems or issues.

Last click to enter the Admin Cp and I get a 404....looked at the index.html and it's totally blank.

and I was so close...

please tell me it was some simple little screwup...

Jake Bunce

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What is the URL of the page that gives a 404 error?

The Admin CP uses the "admin.php" file in your forum root. Make sure that file exists.


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well...something must have went south then. there is no admin.php in the folder that I uploaded and installed it all in....

url is

or at least that's where I wanted it to be....

it didn't say anything about deleting any install it possible that I need to rerun the installation?


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ok..i've searched these forums to death..looked at all I know to look at.

unless someone has an idea, all I know to do at this point is delete all the files and the db and start all over....

btw..the db did end up with 89.7mb so at least some of it worked....:/

but there is no admin.php in any of the folders and the only index.html is in the library I'm guessing something in the install didn't process correctly?


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at this point I'm guessing it just didn't get copied over. All I know if I recopied the files and it all works!