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Coffee, tastes so good

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Mythotical, Mar 20, 2013.

  1. Mythotical

    Mythotical Well-Known Member

    Ok I just rediscovered Folgers coffee. I have been drinking Maxwell House coffee for nearly 4 years now, it was bland and I just didn't notice it. Bought a canister of Folgers a couple of days ago, made a pot of coffee tonight and OMG it tastes like coffee, not something bland. Coffee is my replacement for smoking and I feel I have my blanket back. LMAO

    What coffee do others drink? Do you use a flavor liquid creamer or flavored powder creamer? Milk? Sugar? Half and Half?

    I have been a part of this community for so long, it is time for me to actually post some stuff so others get to know me outside of XenForo. So first is my favorite addiction.
  2. RickM

    RickM Well-Known Member

    I'm currently sipping Costco (UK)'s Arabica medium blend, ground about 5 minutes ago. We got a fancy coffee machine a few months back and have been trying different coffee beans. So far we love these ones, and shockingly Ikea's own :p Both have a really nice taste to them. We found some of the supermarket ones have a nasty after taste. From what we could tell, the beans were overcooked as it was almost like a charcoal taste.

    If we're out of the good stuff, I tend to have a cup of Nescafe, but (and this sounds stupidly snobby :p) after having 'nice coffee' for a few months, going back to instant is a big change, it tastes so watery. So I picked up some coffee syrups and flavoring when we were last in the states. So a dash of either gingerbread syrup, or french vanilla coffee creamer gives it a nice taste :)

    No sugar for me either, I've been clean for 4 years :p
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  3. 0xym0r0n

    0xym0r0n Well-Known Member

    I really enjoy Gavina... it smells awesome and tastes awesome.
    Blows Folgers out of the water ;)
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  4. Mythotical

    Mythotical Well-Known Member

    RickM: I am getting a single cup machine, that one you can buy for $100 and uses single cup ground coffee containers. My wife don't drink much coffee so a whole pot doesn't make a lot of sense. I know what you mean about nice coffee and instant tasting so watery, I have to use tons of sugar to mask the taste. LOL

    Oxym0r0n: OMG where did you find Gavina? I have been looking for Gavina Arabica ground in every store I go to but they have Gavina Decaf. I want it so bad, McDonalds uses it and it is awesome. Anything blows Folgers out of the water except Maxwell House. LOL
  5. Lee

    Lee Well-Known Member

    I can't drink coffee. Hell, I'm not supposed to ingest caffeine at all as I have a heart problem that can be triggered by it. But I love it, and do enjoy the (very) occasional latte.
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  6. CyclingTribe

    CyclingTribe Well-Known Member

    Work: Whatever cheap stuff the boss can lay his hands on!

    Home: Kenco Smooth

    Favourite coffeeshop: Cappuccino (yum!!)
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  7. RickM

    RickM Well-Known Member

    Ahh yeah, I had a single cup one before we got the machine. I had the Nescafe Dolce Gusto Picola - made a nice cup of coffee!
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  8. Kim

    Kim Well-Known Member

    I have an espresso machine also, and use Lavazza Ora or http://www.segafredo.com.au/ for everyday latte (2 x skim milk latte no sugar a day)

    Or any number of specialist coffees when I stumble across them. There is a roaster/blender guy near us who does some nice product.

    For instant coffee I only drink Nescafe Gold Rich - and not to be snobby either but I don't enjoy instant coffee or brewed coffee very much at all, this one is bearable, I have been crass enough to take a jar with me when visiting :p

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  9. Mythotical

    Mythotical Well-Known Member

    Living dangerously there aren't you? LOL

    Kim: I hate instant period.
  10. Lee

    Lee Well-Known Member

    Sometimes I get a really fast erratic heart beat if I drink too much caffeine - but if I usually just get a weak latte its not too bad. I don't do it often though - lol. Some alcohol I can't drink too and other things aswell - I can't drink regular coca cola for example.
  11. Mythotical

    Mythotical Well-Known Member

    That sucks Lee, I love my alcohol when I actually do drink but lattes have to be very strong for me otherwise they do me no good. Btw, I replied to your PC you sent me a day or two ago.
  12. Lee

    Lee Well-Known Member

    As have I, just.

    I love a good beer or too but I have to consider what I do more-so than when I was an 18 year old. As if I have one beer too many thats me out of action for a day or two with a fluttering, irregular heart beat. Plenty of water usually helps a great deal too. The first time it happened was terrifying - I ended up at the emergency room thinking I was dying. It didn't help when all the doctors and nurses started rushing around me, hooking me up to all sorts of equipment - that visit resulted to a shock to the heart to calm it down - which I might need again if it ever gets that bad. Oh well! :ROFLMAO:
  13. Mythotical

    Mythotical Well-Known Member

    Wow I could not imagine that being me. I don't think I would survive a rush to the hospital.
  14. yavuz

    yavuz Well-Known Member

    Nothing compares to a glass of black tee "çay" in the morning, good old Turkish way :D


    Can't get the Cofee obsession really :p
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  15. Lee

    Lee Well-Known Member

    I just try not to think about it - if I worry, i'll go mad and never do anything.
  16. Mythotical

    Mythotical Well-Known Member

    LOL I hear that.

    I love a good cup of hot tea but I can't find any tea around here I would like hot.
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  17. Lee

    Lee Well-Known Member

  18. Mythotical

    Mythotical Well-Known Member

    I'm American, and if you tell me how much to buy some and send to the US I'll pay for it all.
  19. RickM

    RickM Well-Known Member

    Reminds me of a funny story. We took my grandparents to Florida on holiday a few years ago, and they are very...."traditional", always have typical British Tea during the day, coffee at 11:00 AM every day, etc.

    They wouldn't have tea bags, it had to be tea leaves.

    Well when we got them to the villa, they wanted a cup of tea. However being Florida, there was no tea pot, and certainly no way of using the tea leaves that they brought with them from home.

    So when we went to the supermarket, they started looking around the shop for a tea pot, and couldnt find one. Getting more and more irate they started asking staff, who seem to have no idea what a teapot was, let alone one that was for tea leaves instead of bags.

    The end result? My grandad liked building/inventing stuff, so he converted a plastic jug into a tea pot, using a plastic lid and a coffee filter. Surprisingly it made a pretty nice cup of tea :p
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  20. Mythotical

    Mythotical Well-Known Member

    Wow that is awesome RickM. Desperate times call for desperate measures. LOL

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