Not So Good Results Due to RSS ?


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As you can see the site is falling apart. I just logged into Google Webmaster Tools to try to figure out what is happening. It looks like the RSS is tossing errors.
For the URL I cannot put because XenScripts is used to log into the multisite. I have /community. This seems to toss errors galore. I was ignoring them - apparently Google thinks they need to ignore things too :)
So - what are the suggestions? How can I fix the RSS feed errors? No, I cannot put in the domain name because of the multisite.
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You get the idea, right?
Any suggestions? Am I just screwed .. LOL.


Now, If I could get the RSS to just point to and the login part to /community then I'd be a happy camper !


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What is your board URL set to?

Admin CP -> Home -> Options -> Basic Board Information -> Board URL
It was set to /community so that I could login with any other domains. I just changed it to and told Google Webmaster Tools that the RSS is fixed.

I'm testing how this is going to influence the login / logout because I don't want any site to roll over to to login ... cookies must have the proper domain.

Hope that makes sense.

Jake Bunce

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Ok yeah, that's the problem. The RSS items use that Board URL setting, and the final links go through validation to make sure they are valid URLs, which /community is not. It needs to be http...


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OK. I've set the board URL.

I also had OLD sitemap files ... from vB days.

Installed the XF add-on a moment ago. Running the CRON job now but it keeps failing after building the 37th sitemap.threads.37.xml.gz. .... I'm submitting the ones that are build to Google now.

Wish there was a way to just say the directory ... hmm.. that would be faster !

Just add the sitemap to the robots.txt - unfortunately the cron is erroring out. Hopefully that will get fixed.